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If you are looking to try out custom ROMs like LineageOS (the successor of CinogenMod) and the likes or simply mean to obtain root (superuser) on your Mobicel R9 Plus, then the below may be priceless for you.

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First off, you can order and download the TWRP, ADB/fastboot tool as well as the root zip from here:

NB. Before you proceed, please note that for successfully completion, the process involves userdata wiping. So you want to either take a back up first or shelf the project for the time where you should either be able to backup or not mind loosing all your data.

  1. First, copy the root zip file to your Mobicel R9 Plus' internal memory.
  2. Copy the adb/fastboot folder (which also contains the recovery.img file) to drive C:
  3. And then again from your Mobicel R9 PLUS interface, enable Developer Options by repeatendly tapping on Built number under Settings > About phone - from there enable "OEM Unlocking" as well "USB Debugging"
  4. Reboot your Mobicel R9 Plus to Recovery mode
  5. Then select "Reboot to bootloader" and connect the device to the PC via
  6. Open your ADB/Fastboot folder and launch the fastboot tool (comment below if you need help with this)
  7. Command: fastboot oem unlock (this will wipe your Mobicel R9 Plus' data)
  8. Command: fastboot flash unlock
  9. Command: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  10. Command: fastboot reboot
  11. Reboot to recovery (TWRP recovery it should be now)
  12. Agin wipe userdata first from the TWRP menu and "Wipe"
  13. Navigate to 'Install' > Install zip > nav to the root zip placed on step 1
  14. Install it and reboot to system when done
  15. At this stage you should be rooted as well

Post any question you may have in the comment section below and I should glasdly clarify further

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