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Afternoon -  sir am looking Mobicel  Trendy Lite frp file but there is nothing. I do not have a box software like Octopus. Please do you have one that works like your Tango Lite, Ultra, V4 & X4 reset tools?

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Hi Sir. Please find the Google FRP reset tool pack (in *pac format) here: Use the included SPD Upgrade Tool version trictly.

I am busy looking into this model and should undate this answer once there is a ready tool pack like the one made for the others. Yes I should list the file on saroms and then undate this answer or add a comment below with the listing link.
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I now have a file that should work on the Mobicel Trendy Lite. And I should also make buld an FRP tool pack soon. Kindly comment below should you need the firmware/ROM or FRP pack before I get it liasted.
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