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[AP] : Initial info read Ok!

Brand     : HOMECHOICE
ProdName  : HCAT-01K
ProdModel : HCAT-01K
Device    : 101P51C
AndroidVer: 4.4
MTKxCPU   : MT6582
MTKxPRJ   : ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.11

IMEI_SW [1] : 863547021111491
BTMAC Addr  : 48A22D797576
WiFi MAC    : 48A22D798943

BaseBand  : MT6582_S00_MOLY_WR8_W1315_MD_WG_MP_V35_P1_1_wg_n

LCD [0] : kp10s_wxga_lvds
LCD Res : 800x1280
TOUCH [0] : GT9271
CAM [0] : ov5648_mipi_raw
CAM [1] : sp2529_mipi_yuv
CAM [2] : gc2155mipi_yuv
CAM [3] : sp0838_yuv
LOCALE : en_US es_ES zh_CN zh_TW ru_RU pt_BR fr_FR de_DE tr_TR it_IT in_ID ms_MY vi_VN ar_EG  th_TH  pt_PT   nl_NL el_GR hu_HU tl_PH ro_RO cs_CZ iw_IL my_MM km_KH ko_KR hr_HR hi_IN fa_IR bn_IN da_DK sr_RS sv_SE ca_ES lv_LV lt_LT nb_NO sk_SK bg_BG uk_UA fi_FI

Elapsed: 00:00:12
Reconnect Power/Cable!

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Hi Sir and sorry for the delayed reply. If your tablet is 10", then this is likely your file:

You should take a backup first before proceeding with the flashing though.
Saroms HELP, where you can avail support on files purchased through saroms or request any other Chinese lowend firmware or file not yet listed on