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If you are looking to reset a triggered FRP or Google Account Verification off the Mobicel Switch1 or Mobicel Berry1, then have a look at what www.saroms.co.za has to offer on the answer section below.

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These tool packages requires the use of a computer and flashes the same way you would with any other pac firmware.

NB. With these packages, you need to use strictly SPD Upgrade Tool version R2... or R4... (one of which comes preincluded with each of the Switch1 and Berry1 FRP reset packages.

You can find the:

  1. Mobicel Berry1 FRP or Google Account Verification reset tool listed here: https://www.saroms.co.za/product/mobicel-berry1-frp-reset-tool/
  2. And the Mobicel Switch1 FRP or Google Account Verification reset tool listed here: https://www.saroms.co.za/product/mobicel-switch1-frp-reset-tool/
Again do take care to use strictly the included SPD Upgrade Tool (which will either be version R2 or version R4). You can also post a question on whereever else you may need clarity regarding the use of the Berry1 or Switch1 FRP tools by adding a comment below.

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