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Is your Lynx smartphone by Hurricane Mobile hanging on the logo (bootloop), invaded by virus or malware or somewhat corrupted on its firmware/OR? Then do see what saroms has to offer for this in the answer section below. Please contact if you are just looking to reset a Triggered FRP or Google Account Verification.

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  1. We have the ROM or firmware file for the Hurricane Lynx listed here:
  2. You can flash the ROM onto the device using the flasher here:!YHYCACCD!W87ZfXeYmyhaAR3An2yUyTfKsY-7pu3Z1t-Sc-jfmlA
  3. You will need to install the driver here (if you are on Win 10 or do not remember installing any flash drivers onto your PC):!NLpjVaKY!kyUqAVFnTS9JGeIruvJwbl5NMAIv3Lr4YIRkE6FVxZQ
  4. You can comment below if you need any more detailed guide on this

NB. The file was newly extracted and not tested as yet. Also, the file itself is still pending a malware scan. So you can flash it and then install and scan with the Malwarebytes app.

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