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Are looking to flash or reload  the ROM of your Hurricane S43 Smartphone with a 5.7 inch display by Hurricane Mobile? Then kindly refer on the answer below for information that could potentially assist you with sourcing firmware that could work. This is because a stock file for the device was not yet made available online.

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As per our findings (not fully proven), the Hurricane S43 smartphone could be the same hardware as the Hurricane Lynx which we already have listed on saroms.co.za. So you can take a backup and then try it out and observe. Feedback on this would be appreciated.

Also, you can try the Hurricane Epic firmware on the S43 device as we have reasons to believe that these could also be based on the same hardware.

Saroms HELP, where you can avail support on files purchased through saroms or request any other Chinese lowend firmware or file not yet listed on www.saroms.co.za.