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Are you looking to reload the firmware of the Azumi Iro A4 Q? At we have a tested ROM or firmware pack that you can then flash as per the guide below using the SP Flash Tool or similar tools that can flash scatter ROM formats. The ROM on hand is the SA version and it is available here:

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No the Azumi Iro A4 Q is not secure boot and its based on the MT6580 MedieTek SoC. So again for a veteran Android technician, the process will prove standard, but for someone who is new, then guide below should prove worth a while.

  1. Click on the Scatter loading button from the Sp Flash Tool interface
  2. Navigate to the (downloaded) and extracted ROM or firmware folder through the window that pops up and select the scatter text file from there
  3. Untick the preloader (and all others files/partitions that you may wish to not flash if any).
  4. Ensure "Download only" or "firmware upgraded".
  5. Click Download - remove and replace the battery from the Azumi Iro A4 Q
  6. Connect the device to the PC through a USB cable WITHOUT pressing any key
  7. You get a red, purple and then yellow progress bar - the yellow one will proceed for some time
  8. Once done, you get green "Download OK" with a tick
  9. At this stage you can disconnect the device and attempt to power it on
  10. If it hangs on the logo screen for much longer, you can boot into recovery and wipe userdata and then retry booting it up again

Please ask any question you may have on the above tutorial on the comments sections below

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Download the recommended SP Flash Tool version from here:!7UATVAiQ!B4xhV7D6H2rLzIPaebkYXUzDgZkuMy0Bimw_Ltcet9I and then extract and launch it. Again you can use tools like 7zip to extract the achieve
Drivers are here if not already installed:!iYpjHA6K!M9tDl7Z0Z1IwmryWwdrJPwuxNkPJ0QMozfDXHKtbtok Again use 7zip or similar tools to extract
Saroms HELP, where you can avail support on files purchased through saroms or request any other Chinese lowend firmware or file not yet listed on