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The firmware you have provided; bricked my phone. Please advise corrective actions to remedy this fault asap. Failure to comply may result in legal ramifications due to false advertising and the intention to profit there of.
Thank You

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Hi Sir. Please kindly leave out threats as you have no valid grounds to proceed that route given the note provided in red on the file page (which I fear you may have proceeded in disregard of or you felt you needed to just try). Also, see my disclaimer under FAQs.
All this said, the referenced note essentially states that despite that the files shared are tested to the best of my knowledge, the device model appears to have hardware variations. For which I have indeed had varied reports. As advised on the same page, the best safety measure was to backup prior to flashing any of the shared files if in a position to. In which case you can simply revert to sock should flashing not pan out positive due to the noted variations.The shared files are all I have, you may therefore need to go via you retailer if you cannot avail alternative copies else where online.
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And my suggestion assumes that you at least tried both pac files supplied (as of cause the third one is in CM2 format - a proprietary tool often used at repair shops). Especially since the white screen issue could simply be a varied display driver issue. But ultimately, its important to note that not all software malfunctions are owing to crashed software. A failed hardware (such as a flash chip or RAM)  may appear to be software related at times - and of cause a software-based measure cannot correct such hardware based fault
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