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I have done the startup factory reset on my CLICK M9021G -8Gb Tablet via the button combo even inserted a flash stick and got to android factory reset settings still cant bypass google sync verification , and I don't remember the Google account I had started the tablet with because I had so many emails on the phone and now I can't get back in the tablet without it

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Hi. Sorry I could not have the files ready by yesterday in the morning as I had hoped. I have however now managed to establish that the both this ROM and the reset tool bundled with it should work on the Click M9021G-8GB tablet model. You may therefore either order the same ROM pack > download only the Google Acc Reset Tool > extract it and try to DIY following the instructions doc inside or let me connect remotely and try and have this done for you at the discussed fee. You can either reply below or directly to our email conversation.

EDIT. Testing results for the Google reset tool made from this ROM was negative as we kept on getting an error but we never tried flashing the actual ROM. So perhaps taking a backup and then trying the ROM could be wisdom.

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