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I use your Mobicel_Trendy_ROOT_Files.rar
I have a Wiko K-Kool (You said its also for WIKO K-Kool)
I went all the instructions but when I try to flash I get always this error. (See the jpg)
It starts loading but after 2 seconds it shows this. I never reach the green "OK" status.

Thanks Kervin for help

PMT changed for the ROM; it must be downloaded

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Hi. This is common when working with non-stock but compatible ROM files. To get around it, replace the included scatter file with the stock/original Wiko K-Kool scatter file and then reload it on the SP Flash Tool and flash. By replacing means that you place the K-Kool scatter with the CWM recovery in the place of the included scatter. Kindly update on how you get on
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Kervin hi

Thanks a lot I could install the CWM Recovery, my K-Kool. But he root doesent apply now. SuperSu cannot update the binary. If I proceed its a "SU Update unsuccessful" how I can update it?

I zipped also a Update_SuperSU 2.82_zip in the CMW recovery, but now I get ROOT undedected
The Rootchecker statistics shows that no K-Kool has been root yet.
What I do wrong?

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