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I need a little info on how the new credit system works. How do I get the credits and how do I use them. I need 10 credits @ R100/$10 so I benefit from the R20/$2 per file rate please.


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Hi Penny, the foregoing is a breakdown of the credits payment system used on the website.

Buying credits

  1. Go here http://www.saroms.co.za/my-account/ and ensure you are logged in. Login or create an account if you are not logged in
  2. Once logged in, click 'Buy credits'
  3. Ensure only credits are on your shopping cart (with no other file/item with them - else use the red x button on the left to remove).
  4. Then click 'Proceed to checkout'
  5. Select your desired payment method and then click 'Place order' - please not that credits cannot be purchased with Airtime vouchers. Once payment is confirmed, the credits will be applied to your saroms account. Only non-airtime payments are accepted.

Using credits

  1. Locate the file you need from the website
  2. Click 'Request the link'
  3. Select 'Credits | Your Current Balance: 5 | Buy More Credits' as your payment method
  4. Click Place order
  5. Your file(s) link(s) will be displayed on the screen together with your order details and also be sent via email after a few moments. 1 credit will also be deducted from your saroms account balance.

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