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hi there

bro i need a cell c fame firmware very urgently its having a problem that when ever i put it on charge it shows cell c logo and goes off again...

thanks in advance

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Hi Sir. Took a little long but the Cell C Fame firmware is now available from here : in .pac format flashable with the SPD Upgrade Tool. Kindly comment below should you require assistance with the step by step flashing proceedure and I should gladly expand this answer therewith.
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I bought that file it came today without any instructions, drivers of the device or the appropriate flash tool
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Hi Sir. The procedure and tools here should also apply to your Cellc Fame flashing case. Just in case you face errors when flashing the system partition, then you can use this flasher instead:!caI3CA6K!qOCVTWc2F7ROmZ6Qvi8N1X7TbiyzWsiZf_9oBKQX-4s
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OK no for FRP you can use the small pac file I have just sent to you via email now. The same drivers on the Mint tutorial should help. And there is no need to untick anything wit that small frp pac
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Thank you Mr Kevin, the FrP has been solved instantly with the .pac file you had emailed me.
Thank you
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Glad to hear Sir
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