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Hello, can you help me? I am trying to flash the firmware and this error is appearing "S_ft_Enable_Dram_Fail (4032)". I already formated the cell. the phone is the same VFD 100

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Hi Sir. This sadly means that you sadly flashed the preloader at one point. I have a preloader version from another device model that seems to help with the error 4032 here: http://www.saroms.co.za/product/vodafone-vfd100-error-4032-rescue-file-preloader-bin/

  1. You temporaly move away the preloader that comes with the ROM
  2. Place the preloader on the link above inside the folder (to replace the one moved away)
  3. Load the scatter onto the Sp Flash Tool and set 'Format all + Dowload'
  4. Click to flash as normal

how To do it work again
Not sure how I missed your comment but I have updated the answer above with a file that should help rescue a VFD100 device throwing the error 4032 on the SP Flash Tool.
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